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salmon shares

Our own wild fish delivered right to your door

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Place your order by May 31 for summertime Minneapolis Area Delivery!

What’s a salmon share? It’s salmon as it’s meant to be, the way Alaskans eat. You’ll receive our own wild salmon delivered right to your door, frozen in pristine vacuum sealed fillets and smoked portions. You choose the amount, the type (smoked salmon or raw sockeye fillets), and select from one to three deliveries per year. We’ll set up personal deliveries by email/phone to make sure it’s convenient for you.

What are the benefits? You get your salmon from a trusted source, making a personal connection with your fishermen while locking in our lowest prices of the season. You guarantee you get what you want before we sell out, and your salmon purchasing is easy - order once and you're done. No need to go to the store and take your chances with whatever quality they have available. You've got world-class wild salmon in your life and you know exactly where it comes from! Your salmon can be stored in your freezer for more than a year, ready to thaw and eat anytime you crave the delicious protein. In addition, your pre-orders help us immensely in managing our catch effort. Choose from our addictive smoked coho salmon or our beautiful raw sockeye fillets. New: Now you can choose either full fillets or smaller portions for your sockeye salmon eating pleasure.

Choose up to three deliveries per year: Wild Alaska Salmon is harvested seasonally, only in the summertime. Alaskans and those in the know stock their freezers with this amazing protein to enjoy all year round. But, since many non-Alaskans don’t have huge freezer capacity, we will keep the salmon for you, and provide up to 3 deliveries to you per year. You can choose to have your salmon delivered in summer 2019, during the holiday season (November/December 2019) and in spring (March 2020). Choose one or all deliveries to suit your needs. We deliver in person, for free, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and Faribault. We provide a significant discount on 50 pound boxes, and we offer the option of payment plans.

Frozen Salmon Is Highest Quality You Can Buy: It’s not just our opinon. Read about how we care for your fish and the research on high quality frozen and vacuum sealed salmon here.

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Custom orders!

We can do custom boxes and custom amounts and we offer discounts of orders of 50 pounds or more. Please contact us!

Have Questions Before You Buy?

We are ready to answer any concerns you may have about our products. Feel free to email us!


Would you like to purchase our premium wild Alaskan salmon for retail or restaurant use? Please email us for wholesale pricing.