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Our Salmon

We personally catch and care for every single salmon we sell. 




Humans and salmon coexist in a circular relationship dating back thousands of years on Kodiak Island, Alaska. The wild Alaskan salmon run is one of the great migrations of the world, and we are so proud that our fishery is certified as environmentally responsible and recognized as the model of sustainability for the world.  We at Soul Mate Salmon, as fisherman and fisherwoman, invite you to be part of this wonderful WILD food chain. There are so many reasons to eat our salmon!

  • WILD caught are not raised in pens surrounded by thousands of other salmon (essentially feed lots) which increases death by parasites.

  • WILD caught means ANTIBIOTIC FREE. (They feed the farmed salmon antibiotics.)

  • WILD caught means free of color dyes. Our wild salmon eat krill and other micro organisms that turns their meat red or pink. Farmed salmon is dyed. That's gross!

  • WILD caught supports individual fishermen and women, not big giant corporations.

  • WILD caught isn't genetically modified! Wild Alaska Salmon don't have eelpout genes spliced into them to make them grow faster to get to market.

  • Check out this video on wild vs. farmed salmon!

our careful fish handling creates premium quality

Our beautiful fish are harvested by hand with love and respect for the ocean and all its life forms. We fish out of open 23-foot aluminum skiffs, with 2 or 3 hardworking, faithful crew members working by hand to pull our nets up and disentangle the fish. Upon picking the fish from the net, we carefully bleed them and place them into a tote of chilled or iced seawater. This is not industrial fishing. Our fish are never thrown, bruised, or crushed under thousands of other fish. We chill our salmon to 34 degrees until they are taken to the fish processing plant in Kodiak, about once a day. The plant, Ocean Beauty, uses the latest technology to fillet, pin bone and water glaze for a trip to the blast freezer. Your salmon will come packed with a beautiful Ocean Beauty label.

Mindfully handling our fish to keep their quality superb brings us closer to our little corner of nature and reminds us to appreciate our amazing resource. Our fillets don't smell fishy because we go the extra mile to handle the fish with care and chill them immediately to preserve that fresh ocean flavor. If you look carefully, you may see net marks visible on the fish scales, proof that you are eating a truly wild caught salmon!

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Our wild frozen salmon tops fresh salmon!

While fresh salmon right from our nets can't be beat, what is sold in U.S. supermarkets as "fresh" salmon should be carefully examined for the country of origin and has generally traveled several days and may be 10 days to two weeks old from the day it was caught. That product can be smelly, mushy, farmed, and greatly unappealing. Not ours! Our frozen salmon beats these products hands down! Our salmon has a fresh clean flavor that tastes of healthy living and provides vitality for your body and mind.

How is this so? Ocean Beauty's state of the art freezer blasts the fish so quickly that the cells of the fish remain closed and tight, keeping the flesh pristine and beautiful. When you open up one of our fillets, it will have a clean seafood smell and the fish will be smooth and firm. We are truly salmon snobs and would choose one of these frozen fillets over fresh salmon 100% of the time, other than when we catch the salmon ourselves, eating them right from the ocean. Packed with omega-3s as nature intended, and wild caught in a traditional manner from icy Alaskan waters, these fish are truly a food to give thanks for.

It's so easy to work with frozen salmon fillets. Simply thaw the fish in your refrigerator, and while you are waiting check out our tried and true Recipe Corner. Our favorites are there, and we know a few good ones after eating fish 2 or more times a day all summer for years and years.

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our salmon is superb for physical and mental heatlh

It's hard to beat wild Alaskan salmon for total body nutrition and flavor. A four ounce serving of our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is 170 calories and provides 24 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat,  and 1o00 milligrams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids (Source: Ocean Beauty Seafoods, LLC) . We are so proud to provide such a delicious and pure source of nourishment to the world! Don't just take our word for it; below are some links describing the benefits of wild salmon in your diet: