Springtime in Uganik

The ocean at our doorstep this morning is sheet of satin dappled with diamonds of light, calm as a sleeping cat in the sun. Birdsong from our hillsides provides the perfect soundtrack for this spring day. It’s as if the whole world is taking a breath to be completely in the balance of this moment before the summer’s energy is upon us.

It’s a gorgeous day for flying from our Uganik home to Kodiak as I go in to town to get a start on the week of shopping and organizing of gear and supplies for the upcoming salmon season. The deHavilland Beaver thrums along through calm air, providing breathtaking views of the serpentine inner arms of Uganik and Terror bays. Though the water is still on its surface, I imagine the swirling deep ocean currents pulsing along these fjords, bringing with them the multitudes of salmon and we’ll soon be catching.

What an amazing place to call home! Appreciation for all this wilderness floods my being during this flight. Ahhhh.


Adelia Myrick