Where does your fish come from?

How do you know if it’s wild? Is the label telling you the truth? We recently read an interesting article, ‘‘Wild’ Salmon May Be Straight from the Farm, NY Report Finds’ from the Associated Press, which reports that more than a quarter of seafood sampled in a New York statewide supermarket survey was mislabeled. This isn’t the first study that has found widespread deceitful mislabeling of seafood, nationally. It makes you wonder if what you purchase when you go to the store looking for wild salmon is indeed wild, and is yet another reason to consider buying your fish straight from the fishermen who catch it! You already know there’s no farmed salmon allowed in Alaska, and knowing your fishermen gets you about as close to the source as you possibly can be aside from jumping in our skiff with us. Here’s a little look at exactly where your fish comes from; Uganik Bay, on the Shelikof Strait side of Kodiak Island, surrounded by pristine National Wildlife Refuge lands. It doesn’t get more pure than this. Makes us want to hurry up and go catch you some more!

Adelia Myrick