Huge Thanks to Our Wonderful 2018 Crew!

Adam, Autumn, Lizza, and Luke - Thank you for making our 2018 season successful, memorable, and so enjoyable! It is a pleasure to work with you.

Adam, thanks for being Tollef’s sole crew for the long haul, for sticking out the entire season from the first fish of June to the last fish of September, and for helping out Adelia when needed. You make fishing look easy, no small feat. Autumn, thanks for being Adelia’s rock and mainstay until college called you away in late August. It was a treat to learn some fishing tricks from you. Lizza, thanks for being the “peak” person. Your energy and vitality for the heart of the salmon run were crucial and invigorating to us all. Luke, thanks for stepping in at the last minute to make our season end on a good note, and for all your construction help as well. Your presence was a surprise gift.

Between all of you, we count more than 20 seasons’ worth of experience! We still shake our heads at how lucky we got to have such a crew this summer. Thanks all for your professionalism, your strength, thoughtfulness, creativity, flexibility and motivation to work the long hard hours and be patiently ready on the long closures! Thanks also for feeding us, for philosophizing, for providing good company and good cheer, thereby brightening our shared world. You all played crucial roles in the success of our season with your own unique skillsets. We look forward to continuing to add stories to our friendships…..and to more fishing together too, if that is in the cards!

Thanks a million! -Tollef & Adelia

Adelia Myrick