Calm After A Storm

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. -Einstein

Uganik is calm this morning; a blanket of peace wraps around us all, slowing time and space.

This quiet is a welcome change from our recent loud, wild weather, with the ocean frenetically crashing against the rocky shores and cabin-shaking wind racing up and down the near vertical terrain. It takes energy to keep fishing through that kind of storm. Our minds, worn by the sharp eye kept on our boats out in the waves, find an oasis of stillness, as do our muscles and sinews, which have been stretched out and strained working on the nautical water.

Soft cottony clouds now wrap around the mountains and slide down from the high valleys like a mystical cloak, transforming the familiar to something else. With a hot coffee cup in hand, it's a perfect time to reflect back on the month of continuous fishing and the peaks and valleys of sockeye pulsing through the ocean. A healthy run has brought a nice start to the season, easing off the pressure of preseason start-up costs for new nets and gear, groceries, fuel, and insurance.

We love knowing that we are able to share this bounty with people we have connected with, and we’d like to extend a big thank you to all of you participating in our Catch Share program. A reward will be some amazing meals come November and December for your dinner table. There will be plenty of beautiful pin-bone free fillets for all to stock up with. 

Another possible 75 days of fishing lie ahead, so we check for wear spots on lines, replace gear that won't bear the strain, and mend holes in our web. Most of all, we pace our bodies for the marathon and enjoy the view along the way. Right now fresh bread and smoked salmon hot out of the smoker will compliment this morning perfectly. 

-Adelia and Tollef

Adelia Myrick