Our Favorite: Simple Pesto Salmon

If you have ever spoken with us in person or eaten with us in Uganik Bay, chances are good that you've heard about our favorite way to cook salmon (hint: it involves pesto). Spread that wonderful sauce atop a fillet and bake for 22 minutes at 375. However, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. We just came across this in our albums, taken on June 1, the first day of salmon fishing in 2017. Our meal was totally local, consisting of wild nettles and tender dandelion greens which grow in abundance around our camp, accompanying the AMAZING pesto salmon. The salmon itself was the one of the first precious catches of our season. The old-timers, including Adelia's parents, taught the younger generation of fishermen that the tradition is to honor the return of salmon by kissing the first one we catch, and at Tollef's operation the first salmon gets returned to the ocean to swim away with a blessing, heading to its spawning ground. 

pesto salmon with nettles.JPG