Something New!


Based on feedback we received from customers last winter, we knew there was a desire for a couple of things - salmon in smaller portions, and salmon that didn't need any refrigeration. These pouches are the answer to both of these dreams! Inside the retort package, you'll find four ounces of our premium smoked coho salmon, smoked with alderwood in a brine of light salt and brown sugar. The pouched salmon is fully cooked and ready to eat. It has been processed exactly like it would be if you bought it in a glass jar. We chose the pouches instead of the jars because they're so light and easy to take with you. The golden treasure is great for gifting, as well as taking on camping, backpacking or other outdoor adventures. Don't forget that they're also wonderful for every day breakfasts or lunches - add to eggs or salad for a healthy and mouth watering treat! The pouched salmon can also be used in any recipes for smoked salmon. Early testers of these pouches have told us it's like gold! We look forward to sharing these with you, in addition to our sockeye salmon fresh frozen fillets (perfect and sushi grade) and smoked coho fresh frozen portions (irresistible!). You can find our list of markets here

Adelia Myrick