Sockeye Fillet Catch Shares

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These prices include FedEx  or UPS 2 day shipping, insulated packaging, and dry ice, to ensure that your fish arrive as frozen and perfect as the day we sent them. There are no additional shipping or handling fees at checkout. This is it!

We will contact you after our fishing season ends to set up a good shipping date for your fish in November. Your salmon packages are carefully inspected for integrity, boxed with care, padded and insulated and cooled with dry ice.  Soul Mate Salmon is not responsible and will not offer any replacement/refund for any damage incurred during shipping or for product thawing due to shipping or pickup delays. Please see our personal guarantee for more information on our policies.


10 pounds - guarantee of at least 10 pounds in fillet weight and at least 6 fillets. Your box may contain more fillets, depending on the size of the fish.  $210.00

20 pounds - guarantee of at least 20 pounds in fillet weight and at least 13 fillets. Your box may contain more fillets, depending on size of the fish.  $420.00

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Our Personal Guarantee

These are our best prices of the season. Our charge here reflects your bulk, advanced purchase. Thank you for helping us plan our fishing season in advance!

We understand that it can be a bit intimidating to commit to a catch share at first, and we want you to feel completely confident that you will be satisfied.  We hand pack each of our boxes for shipment, inspecting each package. If there are any problems with your order, please call or email us immediately. We will work to replace your product or refund the price if something has gone wrong. In addition, you can cancel your order at any time and we will issue you an immediate 100% refund. If we are unable to fill your order for any reason we will also issue you a 100% refund.  It is our goal to provide discerning salmon-lovers near and far with pure, honest nutrition, combined with the highest level of service and care.

The beauty of our model and our small business (it’s just the two of us!) is that we are flexible. We thrive on personalizing your service. Please email us with your questions. We’d love to hear from you! Our email address is:

We are your personal fishermen.